Friday, September 19, 2008

Home Loan Rates - Closing Costs

Closing costs have a significant impact on the home loan rates that is paid when obtaining a new mortgage loan. Here are a few of the major closing costs and how they affect the rate of the loan.

First time home buyers or borrowers are often rather unpleasantly surprised at the time of closing or just prior when the good faith estimate of closing costs is received. These closing costs can sometime add a significant cost to the dollar amount that the borrower is expected to provide to clear the escrow account at the time of closing or shortly thereafter. The home loan rates are not directly tied to each of the closing costs, but indirectly, you will pay the closing costs. You should make sure you realize and understand each of these costs and how they impact your total cost of the loan.


'Closing costs' is just one of the definitions that you should understand when considering obtaining a home loan. The 'home loan rates' is another. Closing costs are expenses related to the obtaining of the loan, such as document preparation, title search, appraisals, and various other expenses. These costs are typically listed as part of the closing process on the loan. The closing of the mortgage at the title company or with the loan officer will spell out each of these costs and who is responsible for payment of the cost at closing.

Title search

One of the responsibilities that must be met is a search by a title company of court records to insure that the ownership or title to the home in question is clear. They will be looking at sales and deed records to determine that the sellers actually have the legal authority to sell the property. There is a fee charged by the title company to conduct this search. The clear title means that the title company can guarantee the title is correct and that you will have a clear title to the property in question after closing. The title company actually provides a type of insurance, known as title insurance. The cost of the title insurance is one of the closing costs built into the home loan rates.

Origination fees

Another factor in the home loan rates is that of origination fees. These are costs associated with the work the lender or broker does in opening an application file and working to collect and pass on all the necessary documentation required to complete the loan according to the contract. These fees can be sizable or modest, depending upon the broker, but in most cases are negotiable also that fact is not commonly known.


The borrower may be required to pay 'points' as part of the loan fees. There are two types of points that you may be asked to cover. Origination points are the fees you pay your broker or lender to secure the loan while discount points are essentially interest that you prepay in order to manage the best interest rates on your loan. Both types of points are usually paid at the home of closing. Payment of the discount points can significantly lower your home loan rates meaning thousands of dollars less in cost over the life of the loan.

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Closing costs are never what the homebuyer budgets for. They are always higher. And at this point it is too late to negotiate.
Make sur you understand the GFE. This is your protection. Otherwise, you will be fleeced.

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