Friday, May 30, 2008

Selecting the Best Provider for Your New Home Mortgage

The new home mortgage may just be what you need so you can reduce the monthly repayments for your home loan. Here are the ways to select its provider.

When you’re thinking of a new home mortgage, you will not only be considering the interest rates, the new principal amount, the length of the term, or even the costs associated with them. Most of all, you should keep in mind the company where you’re getting it.

Honesty always remains the best policy, even in your new home mortgage. You definitely need a broker who can tell you straight in the face your options—the best method to deal with your new loan as well as the possible expenses you may have to pay. So you can pick the best lender or broker for your new loan, consider the following qualifications:

1. Steer clear from brokers who are working closely with a lender. With your new home mortgage, you can either go to a broker or a lender. The difference is that the former earns a living through commissions he gets from referrals. If you’re working with them, make sure that he isn’t really affiliated with only one lending company. As a matter of fact, you can ask them of how much they’re getting from the referrals. Real pros will never hesitate answering your questions. You want a broker who can direct you to the lending company that can provide you the most appropriate home loan.

2. You must have various new home mortgage options to choose from. The main concern of a lending company should be you: what you need and want. Thus, if you’re going to be selecting one, ensure that it can provide you more than one home loan option. In fact, the lender must have the ability to customize a package according to your needs.

3. All information should be divulged. Everything should be transparent when it comes to your new home loan. These may include the costs of obtaining the loan, the interest charges that you may have to pay, the time frame of your mortgage, as well as the penalties that you may incur just in case you decide to cancel the loan before its actual scheduled completion. Moreover, you also need to know the kind of support the company can extend to you as their customer. Can you have access to their 24-hour customer care hotline? Can they offer free quotes for you?

4. Confirm the qualification of your lending company. There are some agencies that govern the operations of lending companies. Even the federal government is vigilant against lending scammers. You don’t want to get a new home mortgage to one that is not licensed to operate or those composed of financial advisors that are not certified or professionals. This means that the business doesn’t have the capacity to help borrowers when it comes to loans. Before you decide to borrow money from them, double-check their background. It is at this point, too, that it’s better to work on with your present lending company if you decide to secure a new home loan. Nevertheless, if it cannot provide you a better deal, don’t be afraid to look for another one.

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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Debt Consolidation Loan : Who Needs it?

A debt consolidation loan is, as its name suggests a loan that will consolidate all of your debts into one tidy package. The interest rate may be the same as the rates on the existing loans, or it may be somewhat less.

Defining the terms

Make certain that you have reviewed all the terms and clauses included in the debt consolidation loan before signing on the dotted line. For example, you should review the loan length, the interest rate, whether there is a prepayment penalty, and such terms as variable rate, fixed rate and balloon payment. If your consolidation loan applies to existing credit card debt, you should determine whether your cards must be surrendered to get the loan, and whether the balances are transferred to a new card, paid off, or whether you receive the cash and must do the payoffs yourself.


The benefit for obtaining a debt consolidation loan is primarily to save money, but there are other advantages for those who reduce multiple debts to one payment monthly. You can probably save money on the interest rate, particularly if consolidating the debt means you can obtain a lower rate. Another advantage is the benefit of a single payment with a regular due date. You don't have to spend much time paying bills. Just set up an automatic payment and your bill paying is la minor part of your monthly duties. This type of regular prompt payment will make your credit report look better and better

Avoiding the pitfalls

For all the benefits that a debt consolidation loan can offer an individual, there are several drawbacks that you should be aware of before choosing to borrow additional money to solve your debt problems. If you are using this type of loan to bail you out from maxed out credit cards, you should certainly look at changing your spending habits in conjunction with the loan, or you can quickly end up in even more problems with larger debts. Consider getting rid of all your credit cards and switch to one debit card. Don't justify consistent overspending as an emergency. Create a budget and stick to it.

Find the best deal

It seems that finding the best deal would be logical, but many individuals looking for a debt consolidation loan take the first offer that they see and run with it. Often, had they looked further, they would have been able to obtain better terms, better interest rate and other accouterments of the loan. Take the time to review several loans and make certain to ask questions about each of the variables that affect the amount of your monthly payment. You won't want to keep applying and applying, as this can negatively affect your credit score, making the terms less desirable each time.

Reviewing interest rates

The main feature of your debt consolidation loan in most instances is the interest rate you will be charged during the duration of the loan period. Usually the rate of interest that the borrower is assessed depends on the credit report of the borrower. Credit scores higher than 700 make it easier to obtain the loan and generally means the terms of the loan are much more favorable to the buyer.

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The Countless Ways a Home Mortgage Refinance Is Good for You

A home mortgage refinance can give you a reason to settle your pressing debts. Discover the many ways on why it’s definitely good for you.

Whether you like it or not, there will always be a time when you will be running out of money. Normally, it can be caused by unwise spending: it is when your expenses definitely surpass your income. Sometimes, though, it can be due to unforeseen events. For example, if you have settled for a sub prime loan for your property, you may realize that the interest rates have never been this high, scaring you to death. After all, default payments are already looming.

Thankfully, you have home mortgage refinance. It can provide you an easy way out to your financial problem, whatever it is. You can obtain your much-needed funds even before you find yourself in financial slump. A home mortgage refinance is a type of secured loan, which means you can make use of collateral to obtain a loan to pay your existing loan.

Here are the different benefits that you can gain from your home refinancing:

1. You can enjoy lower interest rates. So far, this is considered to be the biggest advantage of a home mortgage refinance. You can always hear people complain about how much they are paying for interest charges every month. Only making things worse are the different changes happening in the economy. If you are in a variable interest rate mortgage, then you have already felt the profound effects of the continuous increase of rates in the market. Chances are you are finding it even more difficult to pay your interest fees while there are other expenses that definitely need your attention.

With home mortgage refinance, it is like obtaining a new loan for yourself. With this, you can have greater flexibility on the interest rates that you like for your mortgage. You can opt for much lower interest rate, provided that you have excellent score, so you will be able to save some cash, which you can utilize to pay other expenses.

2. You can make use of your home mortgage refinance as additional funds for property purchase. Are you considering moving in or buying another property for yourself? Then you may have known by now that the value of properties have gone up that you may need some more funding just to pay for it. You can obtain that by home refinancing. You just have to bear in mind, though; the kind of refinancing you opted. If it is going to be fixed, it will be difficult for you to make advanced payments, unless you are ready to pay very high penalties. Nevertheless, if you have excellent credit standing, you may talk your options over with your lending company.
Generally, mortgage refinancing a home is ideal for people who like to achieve stability as well as flexibility to your mortgage. This is also especially good if you do not have any plans of staying very long on your current home. With this kind of loan, you will be able to manage your finances more effectively and obtain the kind of financial freedom that you want even in the midst of debts.

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Friday, May 16, 2008

Guide to Getting a Home Loan Refinance

Buying a home is one of the most important financial decisions you will ever make. If it has been a while since you took out a mortgage, it is a good idea to make sure you understand everything that is involved in obtaining a home loan refinance.

There are certainly many advantages to a home loan refinance. If you have been in your home for awhile, there is a good chance that you have built up quite a bit of equity in your home. Even if it has not been that long since you purchased your home, if you live in an area where prices have appreciated considerably, you could still have a significant amount of equity in your home to tap into for a home improvement, purchase or to use for debt consolidation.

If you are considering a home loan refinance, it is important to know what you should expect. In some ways, getting a home loan refinance is not much different from getting your first mortgage with the exception that you already have the house! You will want to make sure that you look for the best terms and interest rates. In a similar fashion, the lender will want to make sure you are credit worthy before they approve you for the loan.

One of the first questions the lender may ask is why you are interested in refinancing. Be honest with the lender, because this may help him or her to design a home refinance package that perfectly suits your needs. Even if you are planning to consolidate your debts with your home refinance, be sure to mention this when you apply.

Be prepared for the fact that the lender will run a credit check on both you and any co-borrower in order to determine the level of credit risk you present. This is part of the process of becoming pre-approved in the home buying process. The lender will check your credit score and also check your credit report to determine the number of delinquencies you may have, the number of open accounts you have and the balances on those accounts.

The lender will also be interested in your income and various expenses. This is to ensure that you will be able to actually afford the proposed home loan payment. The underwriting guidelines for every lender are different; however, the general rule of thumb is that a prospective buyer should not have a debt to income ratio that is higher than 36%. Additionally, lenders usually prefer for your total housing expenses not to exceed 28% of your income. Of course, there are some exceptions to this rule. In certain circumstances, lenders will approve loans for buyers who have a debt to income ratio up to 40%. You can usually qualify with a higher debt to income ratio if you are able to make a larger down payment and/or if your credit rating is good enough.

To ensure there are no surprises when you sit down with the lender to discuss your home loan refinance, it is a good idea to check your own credit score in advance and be certain there are no mistakes or discrepancies before you submit your home loan application. If you do find any discrepancies, take the time to have them fixed before you apply for a home loan refinance.

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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Tips for Getting a Better Home Loan Rate

Obtaining the best home loan rate possible will make a big difference in your monthly payments as well as how much interest you pay on your home in the long-term. Find out what you can do to ensure you obtain the best rate possible on your new mortgage.

Home loan rates are currently lower than they have been in quite some time. The large inventory available in the housing market combined with these low interest rates have inspired many individuals to purchase a home; either their first home or to upgrade to a better home.

In order to save the most money possible on your home mortgage; however, you will need to make sure that you obtain the lowest home loan rate possible. Fortunately, today that is much easier than in the past when our parents and grandparents were purchasing homes. While they typically only had local financing options available to them, today we are able to go online and research home loan rates to find the best rate and terms to suit our needs.

Besides shopping around for the best home loan rate, it is also important to make sure that you have taken the time to have your credit in order before you actually begin the process of shopping for a home mortgage. This is a common mistake among many first time home buyers. Even if you are certain that you have made all of your payments on time and have not missed any payments at all, it is still a good idea to check your credit report at least six months before you plan to purchase a home to make sure that there are no mistakes reported on your credit report. Notices of late payments and delinquencies could result in a higher interest home loan rate on your mortgage. Ensure there are no mistakes ahead of time and be sure to correct anything that has been inaccurately reported before you apply for a mortgage.

If you happen to find something on your credit report that is inaccurate, write the credit reporting bureau and inform them of the mistake. Provide supporting documentation to prove your case such as canceled checks or receipts showing the debt was paid in full. Follow-up to be certain the derogatory item has been removed from your credit report.

When possible, try to make as large of a down payment as possible on your mortgage in order to obtain a lower interest rate. While it is possible to purchase a home with only a small percentage down payment, you will generally be considered a lower risk if you are able to make a larger down payment. This can translate to a lower home loan rate. Making a down payment of at least 20% will also help you to avoid private mortgage insurance, or PMI, which will also help you to save on your overall monthly mortgage payment.

Also, it is important to be sure you understand the difference between the different mortgage loan options. An adjustable rate mortgage will typically offer you a lower home loan rate than a fixed rate mortgage. An adjustable rate mortgage is subject to fluctuation over the term of your mortgage; however, so it is important to keep this in mind when choosing which mortgage option will best suit you.

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