Saturday, December 29, 2007

What Are The Basics Of Home Refinancing?

The decision to take out a second mortgage to refinance your home should never be a frightening resolution to any mortgage holder. Home refinancing is worth the decision if and only if you follow the proper line of investigation. Here are some guidelines to take you through the transaction:

Carry out extensive research

Home refinancing is not just all about taking out a second loan with the mortgaged property as security. It goes beyond that to selecting the best deal that would not weigh on your ability to pay. The route to this is to shop extensively. All lenders are not the same. Do a lot of comparison shopping. Through this you might be able to come out with one or two deals that may prove advantageous to you than a prior transaction. Investigate on the current rates. At times it may be prudent to wait till rates fall particularly if your current rate is equal to or higher than the existing market rate, before resorting to home refinancing.

Deciding on a home refinancing lender

Most people are also not decided on what lender to look forward to home refinancing. As there are so many bad deals out in the market, so too there are mischievous lenders. If you are not inconsistent with your previous lender, the best choice will be to go back to that lender. He is best to understand your situation and you may work out a special deal with him which takes account of your particular needs. If you decide on taking an entirely new lender, make an appraisal of more than two lenders. Keep in mind that your present tight spot might have been as a result of the unfruitful deal that you entered into.

Honesty pays

Home refinancing may sometimes mean moving from a worst to a best situation. Therefore, it is wisdom to know your monetary habits. Keep in mind that home refinancing is not only meant for those who have a good financial record. The fact that your finances are in the red still qualifies you for refinancing. With this in mind, personally lay your problem to the lender. There are and will always be solutions carved out for people of your type. Hiding a poor record to him might lead you thinking of the feasibility of the existence of a third mortgage.

Are you refinancing for the first time?

If you are into home refinancing for the first time, I would advocate you to be cautious and reflect only on investment. The best solution for new comers will be to use the refinance to invest on the existing mortgage. This is one of the fastest ways to build up valuable equity in your home. Equity in the property always gives you an edge over the lender when thinking of home refinancing.

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Thursday, December 20, 2007

You’re in control with a new home mortgage

If you have looked for your new home and cannot find it, perhaps building a new home is a consideration. You will get all the amenities you want and locate it in just the right spot for your needs. But how do you go about a new home mortgage if there is nothing there to begin with?

Time to dream

One of the advantages of building a new home is that you can shoot for the stars and then scale back from there. Find an architect and use some out-of-pocket money to get started. When you go for your new home mortgage, you can simply build that cost back into the loan. What you are trying to do here is have a fairly realistic idea of what the new home mortgage will likely be.

As you go about the design process, think a bit about what is going into the home so you can use those features as selling points for the new home mortgage. Will the new home take advantage of tax credits, will it use “off the grid” technologies like solar or are all the mechanicals the most efficient. Each of these ideas will boost the innate value of the home meaning it may resell more easily. Remember, the bank wants it to sell when you are ready, so its money comes back easily.

The big little things

If this is the first time you have built a house with a new home mortgage, be sure to think about some of the things that you have never had to think about before. The sewer connection needs to be built. The electric may need to be brought in quite a distance. If the home is to be off the beaten path, this may start to add up in cost making your new home mortgage a bit larger than you may have thought. This is why “off the grid” is such an important concept for not only you but the lender.

Use your equity

As you go about the process of figuring out what you want to go into the house, think about how you are using your built up equity. How do you want to use the equity as it applies to your new home mortgage? Should you roll it all into the down payment on the new home mortgage or should you hold back a portion just in case an extra feature was forgotten in the house.

Are you in control?

In today’s lending market, you will really have to have your ducks in a row if you want to follow the new home mortgage route. A lender may be apt to say that there are so many homes available that they would rather a traditional existing home mortgage then a new home mortgage. It is up to you to demonstrate that you have the capacity to support this mortgage plan with your history.

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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Key documents for a New Home Mortgage

Obtaining a new home mortgage these days is difficult enough without the added hassle of paper work. In most cases, however, paperwork is exactly what will happen when a mortgage is given.

Trying to have all the particulars lined up is a key to a smooth transition into your new home.


In most cases, your income and employment history are a key aspect in receiving a new home mortgage. In most cases your taxes will do but a letter verifying employment will definitely help the new home mortgage process along. Make sure your spouse or significant others records are available if their names are going to be even remotely associated with the new home mortgage. In many cases these records are not needed but having them available will reduce stress.


After the recent issues of sub-prime mortgages, lenders are a bit more concerned with how much savings you have in reserve. A home mortgage now requires a look at how many payments you can make if all potential income was lost. In most instances two payments are required. If your particular circumstance has be less-then-perfect, you may be required to demonstrate even more for your new home mortgage.

Down payment

The power of a good sized down payment is often underestimated in mortgage deliberations. The more you can demonstrate you are willing to put on the mortgage, the more clout you have as the lender goes about talking new home mortgage conditions.


They may seem like small little bills that don’t carry much weight in new home mortgage consideration but they actually do. They are bills that will be associated with the future running of the home in question. Have at least a six month record of on time payments to show. In the event that they don’t ask for them that’s ok but at least they are there if they are called for.

Inspections, insurance and title

Making sure that the history of the home is documented is up to you. Having an inspection and title search can often be set up though your realtor but the ultimate responsibility is yours. Making sure the title search is complete is perhaps one of those items that should be paid the most attention to in a new home mortgage situation. In-of-itself the title search is really no big deal. If, however, there is an issue that pops up at the very last minute that you didn’t see coming it is the title clearance. For a new home mortgage these documents will need to be in the file.

As you go about pulling these documents together, take the opportunity to do a reality check one last time. You can always decide not to take the step up to the point you sign but as you survey the documents make the mental choice for yourself.

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Friday, December 14, 2007

The Best Home Loan Rate for You

Everybody wants to get the best deal they can on any purchase. When choosing a car, a boat or a blouse, why pay more? When it comes to a home why would anybody think differently? Looking around for the best home loan rate is a critical aspect of home buying, so shop around for the best deal.

Your situation

Before you begin to think about the whole process, take a look at where you are personally and financially. Don’t try to fool yourself. Can you really afford to do it? They say don’t put all your eggs in one basket but in this case you are, so be honest with yourself.

Kinds of loans

The very first item for consideration in what home loan rate is best is the type of loan. There are two primary loan types and variations on the theme. Each primary type will have a different home loan rate. A fixed home loan rate is just that. The home loan rate is fixed for the term of the loan. If it is a 15 year term or a 30 year term the monthly amount you pay will always remain the same. If you are looking for security in knowing what your payments will be this is the way to go. Its rate, however, is just a bit higher then the second home loan rate type.

The variable home loan rate has a lower initial interest rate. It, however, can change over time if the economy changes or the structure of the loan says the rate will change. You need to read the fine print with these loans and understand how it relates to your particular circumstances.

Which is best?

Both types of loans have there plusses and minuses. With each, the amount of money you can put down dictates a lot in what the conditions of the loan will be. Obviously, the more you can put down upfront the better conditions you can get. The biggest consideration is how long you realistically think you will be in the home. If you plan on starting a family and sticking around for a while, then a fixed rate will give you the safety you are likely looking for. It is a bit constraining though as that home loan rate will be the same regardless of what happens.

If your situation is a bit more fluid perhaps a variable rate is better. Although things do change without warning, the likelihood of a rate change in the short term is small. If you are likely to be in and out in a few years, going for a variable rate is a fairly safe bet at a lower rate. Be warned, however, if things do go south, having some cash in reserve is critical to your personal life.

Regional considerations

Interestingly, which state you live in will dictate the home loan rate options that you will receive. Some states have rates just a bit lower then others. This gives you a little latitude in some cases. If your home choice is near a city which is near a state boarder, perhaps looking at across the boarder for a home may make sense.

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Friday, December 7, 2007

Which Home Loan Rate to Choose

Regardless of circumstance there is a home loan rate for your particular needs. Great credit or less-then-perfect, a rate is available for you. Choosing the best option for you can be a bit more complicated then you think. With a few tips and some help from an advisor, however, the right rate for you can be found

Today’s mortgage environment

A solid home loan rate for your situation is waiting for you. The past has been dealt with, for the most part, and the future looks ok. Actually, now is one of the better times to look for a home loan rate that fits your needs. Home prices have come down a bit and there is a good supply of housing on the market. Having a good home loan rate in place will let you move on a property when you find it. Deciding upon which loan type is right for you is the question you need to have figured out before the opportunity presents itself.

Rate types

The two main types of loan rates to choose from are fixed and variable. Within each type there are a few items that vary but they generally describe themselves. A fixed rate loan means you’ll pay the same amount for the term of the loan regardless of what the economy does. Many people like a home loan rate of this type because they will know how much to budget each month. There is a security factor in knowing the amount.

A variable rate loan can change through the term of the loan. If the economy changes, your rate can change in either the up or down directions. There is also a large payment at some point called a “balloon” payment where you will need to come up with a good size piece of change. A lot of people like a variable home loan rate because the initial loan rate is lower. A lower variable home loan rate can be a good thing if the economy is rock solid or you plan to stay in the home for a fairly short period.

Other loans

In today’s finance world there appears to be an available home loan rate for any particular circumstance. There are equity loans, refinance loans and second mortgages just to name a few. Each does have a particular advantage over a simple home loan rate in specific ways. You’ll just need to make sure you understand what the advantage is before you get yourself into it. In any event, these home loan rate quotes will generally fall under the variable rate heading. You can get a loan written for a fixed rate but it will likely entail a higher rate then a normal fixed rate might be.

Your situation

The thing to remember about rates is that they depend upon your personal conditions. What may sound right for one person may not be right for you. Be realistic about what you need.
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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Make Your Biggest Investment Work with Home Loan Refinance

It is often said that your home is the biggest investment you will ever make. Finding just the right one is the hard part. Making sure it gets paid for is life. Not taking advantage of it is silly. A home loan refinance program can make sure it lives up to all the advantages it is supposed to offer.

Taking advantage

If you have been paying off your home on a regular basis you are building an investment in your future. You have heard it from the time you were younger. Buy a home and invest in your future. After a while you are perhaps wondering when that future will come to pass. When can you take advantage of all your hard work and diligence? Most people think retirement is the time to take advantage. If they choose retirement time to take advantage this is fine, but what about now? A home loan refinance program may be just right for you. Take the savings from a home loan refinance and pay off outstanding debt or make the repairs to your home that will ultimately increase its value.

Is the timing right for you?

New money has been pumped into the system, by the government, to make home loan refinance more accessible. If you’re considering some new additions to your property, a long needed vacation or help paying for a child’s education, home loan refinance may be for you. Pay less and use the saved money more productively

Expand your holdings

Paying into your home means that that money is just sitting there working for the bank. Why should they be able to take advantage of the money when you can? A home loan refinance program could let you expand your investment portfolio with saved income. Home loan refinance can let you invest in other properties to diversify your holdings. A property investment in your primary residence was a smart move. If one piece of property was wise, two may be better. Make the first investment work even harder with a home loan refinance program by buying a second property.

A buyers market

In many regions, the real estate market has finally topped out. Prices are actually beginning to come down. Everybody knew it had to happen at some point. That’s just the way the economy works, in cycles. Being ready to pounce at the right time is critical to finding just the right second property for your needs. A home loan refinance program will let you make your move when you are ready. A home loan refinance program will enable you to act fast if you need to.

The market is in a state of flux. Taking your bargain shot could be here now. Don’t let that one opportunity slip past and consider your finance options ahead of time.

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Friday, November 23, 2007

Making Life Easier with Home Loan Refinance

The bills just seem to keep coming. The roofer says that you’ll need a new one soon. College is just a year away and moms’ senior center is increasing rates. A home loan refinance option may be what is needed to pull it all together into a neat package designed to make your life easier.

Investing to make it work

Paying off the mortgage was always thought to be one of those defining moments. As it turns out it is defining. Unfortunately, the moment is not the one you may have thought about originally. Paying off your mortgage means that you let the bank take advantage of your money. Instead, think about home loan refinance and saving some money meant for the bank. This option lets you use your money to fullest advantage instead of letting the bank use it to theirs. Home loan refinance can make your life easier to deal with by paying down all those high interest rates.

Pulling it all together

One way or the other that roof is going to need to be upgraded. There is little that can be done about that. Junior needs to go to college somehow. Costs are a killer but somehow he needs to get there through a series of scholarships, matches, loans and what not. Mom’s care needs to be addressed as well, in one form or another. The bills are and will be coming from everywhere. A home loan refinance program may be just the ticket to pull everything together. A home loan refinance program would mean lower or nonexistent bills.

Is now the time

Whether you opt for a home loan refinance option at this point in time is really a life and regional choice. If your plans entail staying in the same home for the longer term it is the perfect time to consider a home loan refinance option. Rates are being reset so a solid indication of where they will be for an extended period is available.
Prices have begun to fall on homes but they have yet to go anywhere near where they could have gone considering the situation. If you are sticking around for a while the values will come back in a few years, so a home loan refinance program should be ok at this point.

Everything ages

Home loan refinance is one way of looking at the aging process of your home and life, everything ages. You bought your home with old dollars. The roof with aging wood and the child is just like you some time ago. At some point they all need to go to the health club for a reshaping, something to get them back on, or continuing on a healthy track. New dollars can get them to the next step and moving forward. Everything needs a booster now and again to pull it all together. A refinance program is just that.

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Friday, November 16, 2007

How to find the best home mortgage loan?

Once you have found the home of your dreams, you want a dream home mortgage loan in order to pay for it. You also want to find a lender who will pull no punches and surprise you with hidden fees later on in the process. Follow these steps in order to find the best possible home mortgage loan for you.

The first step

There are two basic kinds of home mortgage loan ; an adjustable rate mortgage, which is also known as ARM, and a fixed rate mortgage. When you decide upon a fixed rate home mortgage loan, the principal and interest payments will remain the same for the life of the loan. When you utilize an adjustable rate mortgage, the interest rates can change anytime. How often and when it will change will depend upon the kind of ARM you have, as well as the length of loan. Finding out which type of loan will serve you best will be the first step to take to find mortgage rates you can afford.

The second step

The next thing you should be looking for when you are looking for home financing is to find a lender that will offer you the best deal. It is easier than ever to comparison shop for a home mortgage loan when you use the internet as a tool. You can find many lenders in your area that want your business, and can offer you some terrific rates. Look past the rates and see what kinds of fees they charge for the different services you will need in order to complete the loan process as well. Don’t be afraid to ask questions; there are so many lenders competing for your business that most companies will be more than happy to answer any questions you have no matter how silly they may seem to you.

The third step

After you have done your homework and compared prices of different lenders, make a list of the top two or three lenders that are offering you the best deal. If one of the lenders on your list has pre-approved you for a loan, that lender should be at the top. It is always smart to try to get pre-approved when you are searching for a home mortgage loan as it makes the whole process go smoother. What can be more traumatic than finding your dream house and making an offer and not getting approved for a home mortgage loan?

The fourth step

Before you put your signature on any loan papers, be sure the company you are dealing with has a good reputation in the home mortgage loan community. You can check with the Better Business Bureau as well as do a bit of research on the company from which you are thinking of borrowing money. Once again the internet can help you. You can find reviews from previous customers to find out how they liked working with a certain lender. Making sure the company you wish to do business with has a sterling reputation can save you heartache and stress in the end.

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Saturday, November 10, 2007

The five mistakes you want to avoid when getting a home mortgage loan

Description: Your home mortgage loan is the largest debt you will carry. Your home mortgage loan is also the highest bill you will pay each month. Avoiding mistakes when looking for a home mortgage loan can make you a smart and happy homeowner with more money in your pocket each month.

First mistake

The first mistake you can make is not looking for the best home mortgage loan rates you can find. There are so many lenders that want your business, and taking the time to find out the best rates is time well worth spent. When you find a competitive rate, you may find that not only do you save money each month, but just think of the savings you will enjoy over the life of the home mortgage loan.

Second mistake

A mistake many new homeowners make when searching for a home mortgage loan is not checking their credit history before applying. Many times there are mistakes on your credit report that could affect the rate you are offered, and taking the time to take care of those problems before putting in your application with a mortgage lender, can save you time and aggravation in the long run.

Third mistake

Another costly mistake you may make when you are buying a new home is spending too much money and not being able to handle the payments each month. Before you decide the purchase price of a home you can afford, you will need to sit down and take a look at your monthly expenses and bills to see what type of payment you can easily afford each month. Lots of times after you buy a new home, something will go wrong and you may have to pay for costly repairs. This can be difficult if you are carrying a home mortgage loan that is too high for you. It can also make your life miserable if you have to worry each month about how you are going to make the mortgage payment.

Fourth mistake

Before you are ready to make a bid on the house of your dreams, be sure you are pre-approved for a home mortgage loan. When a lender looks at your current financial picture, they can decide on a cap for your loan. This makes it easier to make an offer when you are ready as you will already have the financing set up.

Fifth mistake

Never agree to a pre-payment penalty fee. A home mortgage loan given to a borrower who has a poor credit rating can charge sometimes as much as thousands of dollars for those who pay off the loan in the first few years of owning their home. Many times the reason that people pay off a mortgage early is that you have found a more attractive interest rate that will put more money in your pocket each month. Keep this in mind, and read the small print before signing on the dotted line to ensure you are not agreeing to this practice.

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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Home Finance Loan: How Much Can You Afford?

Potential home buyers are faced with a critical decision; how much can they afford to borrow from a home mortgage loan? The decision on how much of a home mortgage loan you can take on will depend entirely on your monthly expenses and how much household income is earned. You don’t want to have to scrimp and save each month in order to make your home mortgage loan payment; so what do you do?

Get your finances in order

When you are ready to buy a home, to figure out how much money you can afford to spend on a home mortgage loan, you will have to do some math. You first need to decide how much of a down payment you can make and deduct this from the price of the home. What is left will be what needs to financed by a home mortgage loan. To find out how much you can afford each month, you need to calculate the rest of your bills first.

The cost of housing

Each month, the taxes, interest and principal on a home mortgage loan shouldn’t be more than 25%-28% of your pre-tax, gross income. This figure will also depend upon how much debt you have to start. You will also need to add in utility costs for your new home as well.

Your outstanding debt

To get this figure, you will need to include not only the home mortgage loan payment, but any credit card bills, child support or alimony payments you make, student loans and any other outstanding monies you owe. This figure should not be more than 35% of your pre-tax, gross income.

The rate you will be offered will be decided by the amount of debt you have outstanding, not just your income. This is called your debt to income ratio. If you have a lot of outstanding debt, your rate will not be as attractive as those offered to people who are carrying less of a debt burden. It is for you to understand how much money you can afford to pay a home mortgage loan each month and not the lender.

What to beware of when shopping for a home mortgage loan

The lending market is saturated with unscrupulous lenders who are only looking to make a sale. That is why it is so important you have a handle on your financial picture. Many times home mortgage loan officers try to convince you to take out a higher loan for a home you cannot afford.

Loan officers realize that the first bill most of us pay is the mortgage. They also know that your home mortgage loan will soon be sold to another company and that should any problems arise with paying back the loan, it won’t be their problem. They will already have made their commission and moved on to the next customer while you are saddled with payments you can’t afford.

Do your homework before deciding how much to spend on a new home. Take into account all your monthly expenses, not just debt and housing costs. You will need food, electricity, phone, and insurance, along with the myriad expenses that crop up each month. Be a smart home mortgage borrower and know all the facts before you sign on the dotted line.

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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Organizations Involved in the Home Loan Process

Going about the process of buying a new home involves several organizations. The home loan may be one of the ultimate goals but there are many people and groups involved in the process of obtaining it.

In order to get a home loan, people and organizations such as inspectors, real estate agents, credit agencies, title search people and others need to sign off on the project. Who they are is usually dictated by the home loan people but having them all lined up and ready to sign off is up to you.

Who is involved?

The people and groups involved in getting the home loan issued include: you, the lender, the real estate agents (for you as well as the seller), the inspector, the title company, your creditors, your employer and your spouses’ employer and credit history if the purchase is to be a joint purchase.

The home loan lender

This group can be a bank or other financial organization. Generally, they are the ones that require all the paperwork to let the home loan proceed. Unfortunately, they are the ones that require the information and are not necessarily the ones who pull it together. The documentation for the home loan is largely your responsibility although the home loan lender will likely verify the financial details before the loan proceeds. Generally, having as much documentation pull together before hand is a wise idea.

The real estate agents
The real estate agent can be a good guide for getting you through the maze of home loan paper work. They have been through the process before and have a fairly good idea what to expect. They are not responsible for pulling information together but can be a good resource for finding and using reputable people during the process. Title search and inspection companies might be a good example of resources they can help locate.


The inspection process is a requirement for most home loans. Generally, this process is a good idea in any event. It is always good to know beforehand if repairs or upgrades are going to be likely in the future. However, if the inspector finds that the home has significant issues the home loan may not be able to proceed. Unfortunately, in this instance, the search for a new home will need to go on. Fortunately, most of the home loan paperwork has been completed so this event is more of a disappointment than a home loan disqualifier.

Title Search Company

This company’s work can be the scariest work in the entire process. One might think that the process has been done before so there should be little issue. Unfortunately, this can sometimes not be the case. The home loan company wants to know that the property is free and clear of encumbrances. If it is not free and clear there cannot be a sale. Generally, the scary part is that when something is found it comes out of nowhere. Where title searches are concerned Murphy’s Law applies; if something bad can happen, it will happen.

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Friday, September 28, 2007

Home mortgage refinance: sub prime market trends

Description: It’s been said time and again that the home mortgage refinance market has reached saturation point. The refinance bubble seems to be near bursting. Rising delinquencies, bankruptcies and foreclosures are making home mortgage refinance a less lucrative than before. Are you part of the sub-prime home mortgage refinance scenario? Then it’s time to take a good hard look at current trends.

Rising real estate costs

The real estate market has seen a steep rise in the price of houses - with the result that the average home buyer cannot afford to spend such a high sum on owning a new home. Even those persons who are making monthly payments towards the home mortgage refinance are finding it increasingly difficult to cope with rising prices. Interest rates have shot up, further tipping the scales against the homeowner’s favor.

Why the sudden rise?

There are many reasons why interest rates and associated real estate expenses have escalated. For starters, the sub prime market borrowers typically comprise those who have already been rejected as per other more stringent eligibility criteria in the prime market. This means the sub prime home mortgage refinance lenders offer them loans at relatively easier criteria – some of them may even imply lesser documentation and background checks on the borrower. Even those borrowers who have a relatively lower credit score maybe approved under the sub prime market home mortgage refinance lending process.

The real estate segment is hurting

Delinquencies and default patterns are at an all time high. Foreclosure and Real Estate Owned is a common phenomenon these days in the home mortgage refinance scenario. Why this is happening can be predominantly attributed to the re-adjustment in rates. Usually the sub prime home mortgage refinance lenders attract borrowers with a low promotional rate. When this rate shoots up after the promotional stage, it’s a nightmarish situation for borrowers and lenders. The borrower finds it impossible to pay up and the lender finds it virtually impossible to recover the money. This is also known as predatory lending – it’s quite similar to hunting for a prey by luring with attractive rates of interest. Once the unsuspecting customer has been caught in the web, there’s no escape and the home mortgage refinance lender extract every possible penny from the borrower. What this means from a long term perspective is that investors lose trust in the home mortgage refinance lending company. This can affect the prime market and potentially qualifying borrowers may not qualify in the prime market. This way home sales deteriorate and real estate suffers.

Growing competition

With the recent decline in home sales, most home mortgage refinance lenders are skeptical on future profit margins. They prefer to be less optimistic about the future trends in the sub prime market. However this has not stopped lenders from fiercely competing with each other. In fact, competition has now escalated because in the dwindling home mortgage refinance market, every lender wants to make a quick buck or two.

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Friday, September 21, 2007

Home mortgage refinance: choosing the best deal

Description: There are plenty of home mortgage refinance lenders doing the rounds. Almost everyone is offering you the skies, but this might be confusing for you. How do you choose the most genuine home mortgage refinance option? Here’s a quick guide on choosing the best home mortgage refinance deal!

Questions to be asked

As a borrower, there are chances you maybe taken advantage of by unscrupulous lenders. To avoid this you need to ask a few basic questions first and even do a comparison check:
• What is the type of mortgage being offered? Find out if the interest rate is fixed, adjustable, FHA or conventional.

• What is the minimum deposit or down payment needed on the home mortgage refinance? Knowing this will help you plan finances better.

• What is the duration or length of the loan? This will affect the monthly payment on the mortgage.

• What is the Annual Percentage Rate? This is quite a competitive differentiator these days and can help you select the best lending home mortgage refinance company.

• What will be the monthly payment? This will be important in terms of planning your budget and finances etc.

• What are the various applicable fees? There are several kinds of fees being charged by lenders these days and each lender has their own name for it. Some examples of home mortgage refinance fees include:
o application fee also known as loan processing fee
o Lender fee or funding fee
o Appraisal fee
o Attorney fee
o Document preparation and recording fee
o Credit report fee
o Origination or underwriting fee etc.

• What will be the closing fees? There maybe chances that you wish to close or settle your home mortgage refinance. In such cases you need to know applicable fees at the time, so it doesn’t shock you then. Some of the closure fees include:
o State and local taxes
o Flood determination
o Surveys and home inspection fees
o Prepaid amounts towards interest, hazard insurance, taxes, etc.
o Prepaid private mortgage insurance or PMI

• Is there any prepayment penalty involved?

• Is the agreement for lock-in provided in writing by the home mortgage refinance lender?

Interest rates applicable

It also helps to get a free, no obligation quote from your home mortgage refinance lender. Also check with them if the rate quoted is the lowest for that day or the whole week. Check if the interest rate is fixed or adjustable in nature. In case it is the adjustable variety, find out from the lender how the payments will differ. Also be sure to check on the points. These are fees paid to the lender and are strongly linked to the current interest rate. The more points paid, lower the interest.


Once you have zeroed in on a specific home mortgage refinance lender, you need to try and negotiate the terms of the contract. Ask your home mortgage refinance lender to write down all associated costs and fees and then start negotiating on some of the fees.

Home Mortgage
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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Home mortgage refinance: problems that arise

Description: Planning to go for home mortgage refinance? Well, before you do so it is important to know some of the many problems associated with home mortgage refinance. With the huge spate in the growth of mortgage providers, it’s essential to prevent such home mortgage refinance problems from happening to you!

Common problems

There are the honest lenders and then there are the unscrupulous bad ones. While the prospect of owning your home may prompt you to make timely and accurate payments towards the home mortgage refinance payment, even the lender will try to keep your current mortgage strong enough. After all, he wouldn’t want to lose out on your money! Nothing in life is certain – employment conditions change, your place of stay may change unexpectedly and you may have the bad luck to be dealing with an unscrupulous lender out to get your hard earned money!

Insufficient funds

Many people face this problem especially when they are suddenly out of work or have been laid off. This can significantly impact the payment towards your home mortgage refinance and then it becomes very difficult to get out of this vicious cycle. One of the best things you can do in order to avoid this situation is to assess if you either have a secure job or whether you have set aside sufficient funds for crisis situations in future. Therefore it’s best to go for a home mortgage refinance only when you are absolutely sure that your job is secure enough to support you for a long time. After all mortgage payments are typically made over several years. Settle for a home mortgage refinance only when you’re sure of these conditions.

Change of place

There maybe times when you might have to move out of your existing home. It could be because of a transferable job, a bitter divorce or some other condition. Usually in the case of a situation like a divorce, once one partner has moved out, the other one is forced to pay all the bills. This can really eat into the income levels of that person. That means the home mortgage refinance payment too takes a beating. There might even be legal consequences of not being able to make payments on time and within the due date. There is certainly no guarantee on the strength of a relationship but when going for a home mortgage refinance it’s best to go for it only when the couple is committed to each other for long term.

Getting a raw deal

There maybe situations when you’re caught in a home mortgage refinance deal that’s actually costing you more, rather than helping you save! This could be due to scams and other such false promises on the part of lenders. In such situations it is in one’s best interest to get a home mortgage refinance from a bank with whom one has an account for several years. This is because over a period of time a relationship of trust is formed and hence the bank will be more willing to offer a better rate on the home mortgage refinance.

Home Mortgage
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What are the secrets of Home Mortgage Refinance

Why do you want to Refinance your home mortgage loan? The primary reason is that home mortgage refinancing could save you a lot on your payment. In addition, it also allow you to pay off the full home mortgage faster.

If you’re planning to refinance your home mortgage loan, below are some important things which you need to consider in order to make sure it will not cause any problems in the future:

* Find out the terms of your original home mortgage loan
Before looking for a suitable home mortgage refinance, make sure that your original home mortgage loan does not have pre-payment penalties or any kind of early payoff penalty.

Many people do not know when they refinance their home mortgage loan, they maybe be charged for a pre-payment penalty. These penalties can range from six months up to three years, plus another penalty for early payoff.

So in order to justify a home mortgage refinance, you need to have significant interest savings.

* Access different lenders options
Apply for pre-approvals to several different lenders in order to ensure you’re getting the lowest rate in the market. However, make sure that the lender is not pulling out your credit history during an initial pre-approval application. This is because if your credit history has too many inquiries, this may prevent you from refinancing your mortgage loan with a low rate.

In addition, assess different lender offers concerning interest rate offerings and closing costs. This will largely affect your lender choice. Choose a lender with feasible rates to maximize your home mortgage refinance benefits.

* Choose the best lender
After comparing different lenders, you can then allow your choice of lender to pull your credit history. Then, make sure to get the interest rates and closing costs into writing and also get a quotation in advance of all possible costs involved with your new home mortgage loan.

Finally, remember to ask for information whether the new home mortgage loan you will be getting has any pre-payment penalties. Most lenders leave this important information out, knowing they might scare consumers away.

In considering a home mortgage refinance, make sure you search around and assess different lending options. Do not jump on the first opportunity that comes before you. Be a smart consumer and refinance your home mortgage loan with the lowest rate possible.

Home Mortgage Refinance
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Saturday, September 1, 2007

7 aspects of Home Mortgage Refinance

Everything you ever wanted to know about home mortgage refinance is right here. Given in seven easy points, this bird’s eye view will definitely come in handy!

They say nothing is certain but death and taxes. And if you own a home, or plan to, then you can probably add ‘mortgage’ to that list! Most homes around the world are bought on mortgage today. More now than ever before. Not only that, but just as common is the process of a home mortgage refinance.

Mortgage explained

A mortgage is where a loan is issued by a financial institute to a person who is buying a property. The property in question itself remains as collateral. Here, the principal sum is the original amount of the loan that was issued, with an additional annual interest rate imposed on this sum. The mortgage is most commonly paid every month. While mortgage has made it possible for people to become home owners, those who are unfortunately unable to clear the loan often lose the home to the lender. When the lending institute acquires the property in such a process it is referred to as foreclosure or repossession and the lender has the right to sell it to someone else.

Home mortgage refinance explained

When someone ‘refinances’ the mortgage this signifies that the owner has received a secured second loan on the asset, in this case the home although it was already a collateral in the existing loan (the original mortgage). There are several things you must keep in mind when planning a home mortgage refinance. Let’s look into some of them now.

1. A home mortgage refinance can be a debt consolidation process of sorts, since it allows you to get a secured loan so that you may be able to use it to pay off other smaller and existing loans that you already have.

2. Advantages of a home mortgage refinance become especially clear when it is compared to existing loans. For example, although this is a new loan on its own, it could offer a lower interest rate but also help you to pay off other smaller loans with a greater interest rate. It could also be paid off in a longer duration of time as opposed to your other existing loans.

3. A home mortgage refinance helps the borrower to decrease the risk factor as far as the interest rates are concerned. While most debts will likely be at a variable interest rate, a home mortgage refinance can often offer a fixed rate option.

4. Usually a lender offering home mortgage refinance requires the borrower to pay upfront a certain percentage of the total loan being availed. Each point refers to a single percent of the total loan amount and the interest you are required to pay will most likely be lower if you have paid more points in the initial phase.

5. Keep in mind that the lender who offers the lowest interest rate might not necessarily be the best mortgage refinance option. You have to also make sure that you are not overpaying on the lending fees or the closing costs.

6. Another thing about the interest rates is this; when you are paying a fixed rate you know just how much you will have to shell out every month so that you can better prepare for it. On an adjustable rate, however, there is no guarantee on the amount you have to pay periodically although the rates can be generally lower than a fixed one.

7. Get your home mortgage refinance documents handy and maintain a good credit score. Your credit history goes a long way in getting approved for any kind of loan.

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